First certified electric aircraft: What future for electric aviation?

During the month of June, the Slovenian company Pipistrel announced that it had certified the world's first electric aircraft: the Velis Electro. It is a plane that can be recharged in one hour, allowing 5 hours of autonomy at 250 km/h and ensuring the comfort and safety of its 2 passengers. This gives specialists the opportunity to examine the interest and feasibility of electric aviation. Let's come back to the words of Bruno Guimbal, aeronautical engineer, creator of "Hélicoptères Guimbal" and Gilles Rosenberg, co-founder and CEO of Faraday Aerospace. The Velis Electro, the first electric aircraft certified by EASA. ©Pipistrel WHAT'S THE STATUS

Luck and Tailwinds


Tesla has now announced the production and sales units for the second quarter of 2020, April to June. These mid-pandemic numbers exceeded the expectations of even the most optimistic analysts and the share price immediately jumped approximately 8% to reach all-time highs of about 1200 USD. Production and deliveries of Tesla during Q2-2020. Tesla does not break down the numbers per region, simply giving out production and delivery volumes for both vehicle families (S and X as one, 3 and Y as the other). These numbers represent a drop of about 5% compared to 2019’s equivalent 3-month period. Such results would normally be

The Tesla Semi to revolutionize road transport?

Tesla continues to move forward with the Tesla Semi, whose mass production has just been announced. That's why, we're going to enlighten you on the impact of this new find from the American company on road transport, between safety, autonomy and changes in laws. A MARKET THAT WILL GET CARRIED AWAY WITH OR WITHOUT THE SEMI TESLA. To cope with pollution and climate change, the electric car market is at the heart of the debate. With the 8% of national carbon dioxide emissions in France due to trucks (according to CITEPA), manufacturers are therefore investing more and more to conquer the market

Tritium’s New Plug and Charge Technology

Tritium, a manufacturer of electric charging stations, is launching a new technology that will, among other things, allow users to pay for the charge directly with their car and hopes to improve the user experience. The Australian company explains this in a 7-page document. A NEW TECHNOLOGY INVENTED BY TRITIUM Tritium's starting point was the need to simplify the user experience when loading a vehicle, which can be a hindrance for new buyers but also for owners of hybrid vehicles. Users will then only have to plug and charge their vehicle and will be charged directly via the charging cable. Indeed, it can

Interview with Sylvain Chereau, PSA’s electric vehicle product manager

According to statistics, the Peugeot e-208 is the second most registered electric vehicle in the period from January to May 2020. We then had the opportunity to talk to Sylvain Chéreau, PSA's electric vehicle product manager, about their electric vehicle strategy. Here is this exclusive information: Tesla Mag: I need to understand the direction Peugeot is taking in electric. Through this model (the Peugeot e-208) will it open the way to other models that will be based on the same principle? Is it a shift, a new ambition or a showcase model like Renault did with the Zoé to say that

Nikola Motor : Can hydrogen beat electric batteries for trucks?


Like Tesla and other manufacturers, Nikola Motor started building trucks and pickups. The young company, which also produces hydrogen, is, like its creator Trevor Milton, very ambitious. We will now look at how the billionaire intends to make his company a major player in this sector and whether this seems feasible with his first vehicles. A PICKUP TRUCK THAT WANTS TO BE COMPETITIVE Just like Tesla or Rivian, its two main competitors, Nikola Motor has unveiled a clean pickup model. However, unlike the other two, Trevor Milton's company has chosen to use hydrogen fuel-cells and not just electric batteries. For this, the

SpaceX : the complete point


Following the successful launch of the Dragon capsule propelled by the Falcon 9 rocket on May 30th, we would like to develop a comprehensive French-language section on SpaceX on Tesla Magazine. Elon Musk and SpaceX announce via Twitter spectacular projects and acquisitions that highlight innovation at SpaceX. Latest: the acquisition of a robot dog from Boston Dynamics, Zeus. In this article we will try to answer this question: why SpaceX imposes a new order in the conquest of space? SpaceX : from now on the dream of commercial flights becomes a reality With this successful launch, SpaceX validates the upcoming opportunity to participate