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3 now! Which one is the best? What should you consider?


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The Big 3

Tesla Model S (Left), Lucid Air (Middle), Porsche Taycan (right). Image is from Bloomberg. com. Photographer: Ed Ludlow of Bloomberg.

When it comes to the best high end electric sedans currently on the road, it really boils down to just these three. The Tesla Model S, Lucid Air, and Porsche Taycan. What’s interesting about all of these is that they all have similar stats, but all designed in a manor and ethos which is completely different. I have mentioned some of the basic statistics above, but lets get down to some of the important factors.

ModelPrice0-60 (100kph)Range (miles)Battery CapaityEfficiencyCharging Speeds
Telsa Model S Performance $94,9902.3s348100kwh, 375 V287 wh/ mile250kw
Lucid Air Dream Edition$169,0002.5s503113kwh, 924 V225 wh/mile300kw
Porsche Taycan Turbo S$185,0002.6s19293.4kwh, 723 V487 wh/ mile270kw

The Model S

Debuting back in 2012, this sport fun to drive car and comes with a hatchback which is one of the most convenient features that a car can have. I had the chance of driving one for just over a month and it is incredible, the speed, the handling, and adaptive suspension make the car pretty much the best all around vehicle you can for the money, especially if you get the car in used condition.

Lucid Air

The brand new vehicle which has just rolled out yesterday and production should be starting in spring of 2021. The only flaw I see in the car is that fact that it doesn’t have a hatchback and the opening to put items inside seems a bit too small. This reminds me of the Model 3 which in my opinion should have come with a hatchback in itself, but that is a separate topic in itself.

Porsche Taycan

Oh the Porshce Taycan, the least efficient electric vehicle on the road today! The car is meant to be amazing to drive and pack a punch, and low down torque which is currently unpatch because of its 2 gear transmission. The car was specifically design for outright performance around the track and live up to the Porsche racing name of the likes of the 911 GT2RS which won’t happen because of its incredible weight.

Why Lucid is really has Tesla’s balls up in the Air


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Today we will briefly touch up on the important and notable information which was introduced at todays global unveiling of the Lucid Air and also project gravity which we will touch up on too.

The Configurator

Starting off with the configurator , you can now spec your Lucid Air Dream Edition in 3 colors. White, Black, and Gold (as seen above). The interior options have a pallet based of the light hues that certain regions in California have such as Santa Monica, Mojave… The interior will also have two configuration, which is a standard bench (5 seat configuration) which will start off production in the Dream Edition, but will also be introducing captain chairs very similar to the early released versions of the Tesla Model S. The whole design ethos of the Lucid air was designed for absolute quality and also focus on the fine balance of tactile and analogue experiences and also simplicity of technology. This is something which I believe Tesla sadly lacks which is the tactile feels.

New information introduced

The Lucid Air will come in 4 primary configurations which which will start production of the Dream Edition, which is their flagship 1080hp. Production should start in Spring of 2021 at Lucid’s production plant in Arizona.

Working with the latest technology the CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson had mentioned the close relationship with the racing team and working on the advancement of the sustainable energy.

  • 924 volts architecture
  • Three-phase AC electric motor, and inverter that is packaged into only a 74kg unit that fits into a suitcase which outputs of 500 kW, that’s about 2.5 times smaller than Tesla’s motor for the same power.
  • 517 miles from 113kwh battery (218wh /mile efficiency).
  • 3 years of free unlimited Electrify America charging. 
  • 350kw charging.
  • 17% more efficiency than any other electric vehicle.
  • “Lego” styled battery packs ie. interchangeable.
  • Car will be able to power you house (exactly what the Cybertruck aims to do).
  • Facial recognition for customized setting and security for driving. 
  • Able to have power transfer for other Lucid Air’s.
  • A 34 inch 5k curved displace which displays driving information.
ModelsPrice (USD before incentives)Range (EPA Est.)HorsepowerPerformance Specs (0-60s acceleration, 1/4 mile time, top speed)Charging (up to)Availability
AirBelow $80,00TBATBATBA300 miles in 20 mins – 1,200 mph2022
Air Touring$95,000406 miles620 hp3.2s, 11.4s, 155 mph300 miles in 20 mins – 1,200 mphQ4 2021
Air Grand Touring$139,000517 miles800 hp3.0s, 10.8s, 168 mph300 miles in 20 mins – 1,200 mphQ2 2021
Air Dream Edition$169,000503 miles1,080 hp2.5s, 9.9s, 168 mph300 miles in 20 mins – 1,200 mphQ2 2021
This is a table which is made in part with Electrek.com

Project Gravity? What does this mean?

This is Lucid’s latest project as they have released this rLucid Air sedan it is important to note that as one project is entering production, it is time to focus on a lower production higher capacity vehicle dubbed “Project Gravity” sounds familiar considering this was Elon master plan way back August 2, 2006.

This raises questions as Rivian will be making the R1S which looks very similar and we will see the statistics for the future and get to understand which could be a better option for the consumer.

Comeback for some more information which could be released about Project Gravity and more interesting content coming to Tesla-Mag!

Tesla plans for ‘Modular Transportation pods’ for The Boring Company.


Modular Designs… The Future?

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Image from The Boring Company Tunnel Website, this is the surface station Elon was talking about.

What is the boring company? 

For those who might not know, The Boring Company is another project by Elon Musk, with major goals of “destroying traffic”. For this to happen Elon has set some framework for the future of the tunnels which need to be build and has plans to “beat the snail” which is reference to how slow todays boring techniques are mostly because of ventilation requirements and hard shoulders. 

With the future of the company not really expressed by anyone and new progress reports rarely surfacing, no one really knows any of the latest plans that the company has. According to their website https://www.boringcompany.com they have one project currently in progress at the Las Vegas convention center. 

What are the pods? 

Created by Fábio Martins as part of his thesis project, this reveals a true possibility of a future where modular transport could be the future with an electric base. This doesn’t always apply to the Boring Companies plans, but is closely related. If there was any other project that is currently on the market, it would be NIO, a Shanghai based companies working on battery interchanges, still a far shout from this concept though. 

Like most thinks that Elon does, it mainly focuses on the integration with the other companies and for this he will call on the workers at Tesla to design interchangeable pods, for different uses such as for transporting, personal commuting, and package deliveries. Elon Musk mentioned back in 2018 that: 

“The high-speed pods that will travel in the tunnels will be made by Tesla.”

Elon Musk

These pods would become a vital role in transportation, but also increase the utility of the tunnels as TBC recons the tunnels have around 10,000 people per hour. 

This reveals that major projects are being worked on currently, but who is running with it all? Elon had previously mentioned on TEDx that he spends just 3% of his time on The Boring Company, and therefore progress would be slow, I would disagree. 

More about the ‘The Boring’ tunnels

I have had the luxury to visit the first boring tunnel in Hawthorn, California located directly underneath SpaceX. Previously mentioned, current Boring techniques are expensive

“Currently, tunnels are really expensive to dig, with many projects costing between $100 million and $1 billion per mile. In order to make vast tunnel networks feasible, tunneling costs must be reduced by a factor of more than 10, with TBC’s Loop tunnels currently priced at approximately $10 million per mile.” According to theboringcompany

The process is also very slow as boring is 14x the speed of a garden snail, so

What should we expect from Lucid’s Unveiling on September 9, 2020?


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Credits: Lucid Air reveal on http://lucidmotors.com

The Gist

Lucid Motors, what do we know and what should we expect from tomorrow’s unveiling of the Lucid Air? 

Most people may have never heard of Lucid, and more a quick synopsis are a company based out of Newark California designing innovation and paving a new direction in EV competition. The AIR event tomorrow will take place at 4:00 PM PT, revealing their production version of the Lucid Air and its configurator. The clear cut Tesla Model S competitor will be arriving on the scene end of this year (2020). 


The founder Peter Rawlinson, was previously the chief designer for the Tesla Model S and still holds 70 proprietary patents on the Model S. From the first Model S prototype at the Petersen automotive museum, Peter had the job of reconfiguring that prototype to the vehicle we see on the road today. Lucid have been focusing on battery technology for some time and supplying batter innovation for Formula E , something that here at LivingEV believe should have been a direction for Tesla to follow for stress testing. This has shown the new path that Lucid have followed for ultimate efficiency of their battery with their 900+ volt architecture which is able to fast charge at rates which ahem never been seen before (20 miles per minute).  

This is Lucid Air battery management team working on the supply of the Formula E battery packs, In fact Lucid with their world class battery management and technology has finally got Formula E cars to complete an entire race on one charge.

What we should see in the event 

  • “Dream Edition” air production vehicle and pricing options
  • Configurator for pre-orders
  • “Grand Touring” production dates
  • “Touring” Sub $100,000 air
  • Release of the SUV possibly. 
  • Battery through put and architecture
  • Charging Infrastructure

The Airs debut cost should start around $161,500 with FTC and main focus is to draw high end buyers for the future Tesla Model S palladium and introducing a brand derived high quality, no compromises experience. With. Top speed of 235 mph, 0-60 sprint of 2.5s, and 1/4 mile time of just 9.9 seconds it is Lucid’s goal is to attempt and correct all of the short comings that the Model S previously has not accomplished. When asked Rawlinson mentioned

“Let’s just say Elon is paying very close attention to what we are doing here,” he says with a big laugh. 

Peter Rawlinson

Should Tesla be Worried? 

After following Lucid movement in the automotive industry for some time now it is clear to see the path that Lucid is trying to fulfill in the EV market such as the Porsche Taycan and the all new electric BMW 7 series which would break into the market around 2023 according to most sources.

As the CEO, Rawlinson said “‘Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have been that interested in electric. Tesla has piqued my interest, I love what Tesla is doing with electric, but I’m not getting out of my Mercedes for a Model S.’”

Quote by Peter Rawlinson, the CEO of Lucid Motors on the manufacturing Ethos for the Lucid Products

This will be the main focus of tomorrows event… The quality and performance. From my opinion, Tesla should not be worried about Lucid at this moment, as companies, their paths are on two different wave lengths, in terms of “mass market” EV’s as Lucid are only planning on 7000 units for the first year of production.

Lucid Air gallery photo from Lucid Air Website Gallery

Elon Musk in Germany

elon musk berlin

Elon musk has travelled to Germany for a few days to discuss some of the most pressing times we have had in the last few months and his planned partnership for the future of Covid-19 vaccine plans and Giga Berlin.

According to Reuters “Elon Musk met with three German ministers and other senior politicians on Wednesday to discuss the progress of a collaboration between the car maker and a German biotech company and a planned electric vehicle factory.”

CureVac Machine : what is it?

Tesla will make an alliance with vaccine developer CureVac CVAC.O. (which are currently trending upward). Tesla’s part will be the development of mobile mRNA molecule printers or “RNA microfactries” as Elon stated, also mentioning that these factories could be built at Tesla Grohmann Automation in Germany, Musk said in a Twitter. It really seems like someone has stepped up to the plate solve this issue.

Elon Musk
Featured image: Brandenburg State Chancellery

As for Giga Berlin Bloomberg has mentioned “Germany’s economy minister promised Elon Musk the government will help in whatever way needed to get Tesla Inc.’s Berlin plant up and running as soon as possible.” Tesla is moving quickly in its development of factores to produce the car requirement which it needs in Europe which is definitely the most electric vehicle focused market in the world.

LUCID AIR: autonomy of 832 and a worldwide launch in September

Lucid Speed Test

Lucid Motors has struck again, 832 km range announced for the Lucid Air. The brand gives appointment to the world, the 09/09/2020 to present the Lucid Air in conditions that we imagine very specific.

To Tesla the difference, to Lucid the performance? At least that’s what the second one is trying to impose. Last week, its teams carried out new speed tests in Ohio, on a speed ring. Result: 235 mph, or 378 km/h.

The object of the offence, the Lucid Air Alpha Speed Car, thus aligns outstanding performances. These are those of a McLaren F1, which for a long time held the speed records for a production vehicle, before being (largely) dethroned by Bugatti’s ground-to-ground missiles, the Veyron and then Chiron, which kindly relegated the McLaren to the rank of friendly bumper cars.

Lucid’s previous tests concluded with a record speed of 350 km/h last April. The difference lies in the speed limiter, which in the meantime has been removed. Lucid does not fail to point out that these speeds will certainly not be those of the production models. What’s the point of reaching them?

Lucid Speed Test

A matter of image

Lucid Air Interior 1

The brand benefits in several ways. The first one is the image: Lucid has nothing else to sell, for the moment, but a concept and some images. The initial plans called for the first copies to be available in 2019 at the earliest. However, the brand has not let anything slip from its preliminary financing, estimated at 700 million dollars with a first tranche of 240 million dollars to start production of the inaugural series, the “Launch Edition” of 255 vehicles.

Finding your place

Lucid Air Interior 3

The second benefit is positioning: Lucid wants to find his place between Tesla for the electric approach and Bugatti for performance, with a first model delivering 1000 horsepower. The ration autonomy/price will be decisive. To date, there is talk of 60,000 dollars for a top-of-the-range EV with a range of 380 km. This would be much more expensive than a Tesla Model 3, offered for 35,000 dollars with only 35 km less range.

We learn every day

Lucid Air Interior 3

The last benefit is technological. By testing at such a speed, Lucid learns a lot from his own equipment. Measurements at over 370 km/h say a lot about tire resistance. Lucid’s engineers were also able to note that the suspensions did not drop fast enough during acceleration. The engine temperature was also higher than the one simulated by computer, which probably led to a review of the cooling efficiency.


Withings Body +: The connected and intelligent scale (+ update)


Withings, a specialist in connected objects in the field of health, has released a connected scale that we have had the opportunity to test. If the particularity of this scale is not in the way it weighs itself, Withings has been able to find features that make the difference to renew this object.


Withings has announced a 53 million euros fund raising in the heart of the summer to integrate medical monitoring in daily life, in the :


  • Withings will develop new state-of-the-art connected objects and enhance the existing range.
  • Withings plans to open over 100 outlets by the end of the year.
Eric Carreel, co-founder and President, Withings, Zoov, Invoxia: “We have been moving forward with the same mission since the beginning: to better support everyone’s health by involving the medical profession as closely as possible in our daily lives, thanks to precise, high-quality medical data that comes with a minimum of effort throughout our lives. Recent news shows us that it is urgent to strengthen the ability of professionals to access this information “.



The Withings connected scale is very slim, light and has a sleek design. The glass plate is very pleasant to stand on barefoot when weighing. In the centre of the high surface is a beautiful silver circle which is both useful and aesthetic as a sensor is used for the functions of this connected scale.

At the time of purchase, you will have the choice to keep the original feet so that the scale is flush with the floor. But you will have to be careful because with the original feet the scale can be more or less slippery depending on the floor surfaces. If the scale slips, it is imperative to use the feet provided.

Small aesthetic drawback: over the course of the days the scale can get dirty like an iPhone screen. Unaesthetic traces may appear over time, so it will have to be included in the week’s household chores to keep its singular design.



The cardboard is of excellent quality, the benefits produced are presented directly on the box with Logos and colours.

You will be able to use your scale as soon as you purchase since the batteries are included and the Withings Smartphone (Android and Apple) application is free.



This scale integrates a Wifi antenna and a Bluetooth antenna. If the benefit is not obvious for everyone, after two weeks it must be said that the Wifi is a significant advantage for certain functions that allow you to have information about your home remotely.


Connected Scale


Once the pairing between your Balance Withings Body + and your smartphone has been completed. You will be able to create your profile in 5 minutes directly via the Withings application. You will be asked for your approximate weight, a target weight and your first name.

You will be able to get on your scale, see your weight displayed on the scale as well as your first name to confirm that the scale matches your weight to your profile.

Once this step is over, your scale will recognize you and you will be able to find your weight in your application and over the days your weight curve.

Calculation of fat mass

Fat mass is a data automatically calculated by the scale and that you can find on the screen of the scale and your smartphone.

This is a function of age, gender and BMI.

IMG = (1,2 × IMC) + (0,23 × âge) – (10,8 × S) – 5,4

The result is expressed as a percentage, so the scale saves you some time if this is important to you.

This is a rather qualitative indication that may be useful in the context of a plan.

Calculation of BMI

When creating your profile from within the application, you will be able to enter your height (which you can change over time, more useful for children or teenagers).

At each weighing, the scale transmits your weight to your application and the application transmits your BMI, you will also find a graph.

Air Quality


Here is a function that we are not used to find on a scale and that clearly makes the difference. Indeed, each time the scale is active, it calculates the air quality in your apartment.

It is an essential element in our homes and we are too little used to paying attention to it, but it is nevertheless essential.

The value is indicated in ppm, it is also represented by a graph on the application. Fortunately the application will qualify the data to tell you if the air quality is good or bad. This information may prompt you to open your windows more often.

The temperature


Your connected scale will be able to tell you the temperature of your room. This information is rather unexpected for a scale but it is useful especially at a distance via wifi synchronization. You will probably have to say goodbye to your thermometer.

Data accuracy

The Withings scale strives to calculate my data as reliably as possible. When you are on your scale, arrows show you the position you must hold so that you are at the centre of the scale and so that the data can be identical and therefore reliable as you weigh.

From the application, the history offers optimal accuracy because the graphs draw more precise curves over time.

Profile management

Withings studied all the practical cases: couples, families, singles.

The scale will not only be able to recognize the weight of each individual during the various weighing operations, but it will also be able to transmit the correct data to the right terminal. This is rather a very important subject for a connected scale that can manage up to 8 profiles because weight is a personal data that must be correctly managed and don’t worry, your scale will do it very well.


The Withings Smart Body + is aptly named. It brings new functionalities to an object so common that this product becomes a performance. The connectivity and excellent data management from the Withings application offers a real advantage. The price is not even a hindrance because thanks to the free application, which brings a significant advantage, you can save precious time and abandon the Excel tables, notebooks and spreadsheets that you used to use to monitor your weight and achieve your goals.

Other products of the brand

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